Thursday, September 12, 2013

Our morning

So I have not kept up with the blog every day challenge, I know... not even close!  I said to myself I would the my day in pictures, but I missed the first of the day and the last part.  So I will post what I got.
If there is one thing missing from my day is sleep.  My day starts pretty early, around 7am when Jace wakes up.  Who needs and alarm clock when you have Jace?  Luckly, my oldest son is 12, and is on auto pilot in the morning. Am so lucky that I don't have to fight him to get out of bed, usually he gets up and gets ready without any reminders.  This morning we went out for breakfast.  I get my coffee, they get pancakes and spoiled by our favorite lady at Dennys, Ms. Tiffany.  She spoils the boys rotten, calls them her babies.

And what is a morning without a Target run?  Yes, I also suffer from a target obsession! I think Target has made it a point to have a Starbucks at every store so that my boys will yell "Pop, Pop" for cake pops as soon as we walk in, then cry 2 minutes later when they drop them on the floor.  It is a conspiracy between the two, because of course, I also want to have some caffeine.  After our Target run, we headed to the park, to burn some energy, to get them nice and ready for naptime.

Lots of laughs, playing and running! But of course have to stop for some shots of their awesome outfits!

Ayden is wearing a Pre-fresh t-shirt, @susiescustom jean vest, H&M Chino pants, Jace is wearing a Hello Apparel tank top, and H&M suspender short.  Both wearing Converse high tops, which you can't see because of the grass, haha!

Then came the melt down when it was time to go home for nap time! The boys share a room at night there isn't a problem.  But for nap time, oh my they need different rooms.

All this before 1pm, boy I'm tired just thinking about it!


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